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You will about to find way more than you expect. It’s not only your best online travel blog, but also your online buddy which can help you to get the most out of your trips.


If you are about to plan your next adventure, you are in good hands here! I tried to create the best travel guide books for you about all increbile places you might think that you know or you never even heard before. Let it be your guide for all your journeys.


Plan your trips better, find all the best places to see, eat like a foodie, take amazing shots and why not learn how to make money out of all these? You will find everything you need in this book. It’s your newest travel buddy. Hope you enjoy reading!

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I’m offering you the best travel guide books in the section with all the great stories around the world! Read all my traveling journeys and plan yours better to make the most out of your trip! Click for a quick tour around the world!

Wanna become location independend and travel the world while making money? Let me show you the way as you consultant. I’m not gonna spam you with emails, I’ll not give you any fancy ebooks that you will never read twice. Click & Read yourself!

Here’s my photography portfolio! Find the best pictures from the places I traveled with their backstories. You can always contact me to ask any photography related questions or professional photoshoots!

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