What To Do On A Free Weekend? Why Not Skydiving? Let’s Jump From A Plane!

What To Do On A Free Weekend? Why Not Skydiving? Let's Jump From A Plane! 1

What To Do On A Free Weekend? Why Not Skydiving? Let’s Jump From A Plane!

My Adventure Seeker Friend,

I’m so happy that you are reading this. I means that I have 1 shot to bring you into the exciting world of skydiving. Let me quickly describe how it feels to be above the clouds. AWESOME! Actually this and many other words are not enough to describe the feeling which you will hopefully feel someday.


First of all, let me start with the place, so you will know where to go. Bay Area Skydiving, I never thought that such professionals can be extremely cool and funny at the same time. I drove for almost an hour from San Francisco downtown to Byron Airport. It was as hot as a desert out there. They do have refreshments but bring some snacks with you, after the dive you will need them. I’m sure you waiting for me to answer your most basic question, how much it’s gonna cost me? Well, I’m not gonna talk about all the costs seperately, but let’s say you should be okay with spending almost 300$ to enjoy a complete experience. IT IS WORTHY of paying. Let me open a parenthesis here and remind that if you are a professional skydiver and going for a licenced dive, it won’t cost more than 60$.


I know that jumping out from a plane sounds extremely. And I won’t lie, I scared a lot once I stepped in to that plane. Shortly we have risen above the clouds. Suddenly it happen while I wasn’t even aware of the fact that I was doing it. Free fall for a minute. Being alone with all the wild and unique thoughts that you have for a couple of minutes. While your heart beats faster than the speed of any sports car, you might even forget how to breath. But I promise that, even you forget to breath somehow, you will feel more alive than ever. Feeling that wind on my face, seeing the lands below my feet makes me feel that I can accomplish any goal that I set if I can move this far from my comfort zone. I didn’t only go out of my comfort zone. I put my smile on, pulled my tongue out and messed with life itself.


However, I’m not here to tell you about my jump all day long. It’s not about what I did anymore. I already did it, probably I’ll do again and carry these memory for the rest of my life. It is not my purpose to drown you in my stories. They do exist in this post just to inspire you. Instead, it should be about you! I want YOU to try it. Wherever you are, whoever you are, I know that you might have prejudgements or fears about this. Believe me I changed my mind more than 10 times while I was on the plane. But life finds a way to drag you in situations where you will totally lose control. LET THOSE MOMENTS HAPPEN! I can assure that you will never regret for a single time after you find yourself alive on the ground feeling the strange feeling of living again. So, book your dive as soon as possible to see that I’m right.


“Stop Existing and Start Living”. I’m sure you heard this quote at least one time in your life. And this is a way that you can really feel that you are living. What I love calling “Near Death Experience” reminds me that always gives me the highest amount of joy and happiness. Since you are still reading this, I assume that you are also interested with living for those moments. So I won’t take anymore of your time. Instead, I’m sending you to next phase of your journey in blue skies, which is overcoming your fears. Just google skydiving NOW! If you are lazy to do that, check this out at least. I’m sure I’ll succeed on infusing my excitement to you.


While hoping that you’ll definitely want to give it a try, I want to finish with the exciting words that my flight assistant told me after we landed. WELCOME TO THE SKY!


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