The Book of Traveling – Backstage Story

The Book of Traveling - Backstage Story 1

The Book of Traveling – Backstage Story

I know this won’t reach a huge audience, but I just wanted to tell the background story of ” The Book of Traveling” and why I picked this name.

See, all of us are unique somehow! Well not all of us are able to show it to the rest of the world, still, we all have it. But even we are unique our top priority goals are quite similar: Get the most out of your life and doing what you enjoy and love. I’m Barış (call me Barry if you can’t spell it), I’m a passionate traveler and while writing this I’m also sitting over a rock at Land’s End in San Francisco, to make the best start to this new journey with You!

It’s actually funny because I’m not a book person at all. If somebody would ask how many books I read in my life, I’d probably change the topic and talk about the weather. But, somehow I always admire those, who peacefully discover the new world or people while reading tons of books every week. Unfortunately, I’m a terrible reader. But there other things that I do. I write, I capture moments, I record, I tell stories and I believe, I also live the life at my fullest potential.

So why not make a book for others. At least chasing the possibility of touching others lives with my stories would make me happier at the end of the day. However, I concluded that I can’t do this alone. There is an infinite number of places, many miraculous countries, and cultures on this earth.

So I need YOUR help. At this point, you should have understood that it is not an ordinary travel blog or a book which belongs to one single writer. I want to write this book together with you. I want here to be your happy place, as a traveler, reader or even as a writer. I want you to share your stories with me, so I can share with other people. Let’s not limit this blog with only my content. As you know, sharing is caring.

Since you’re here checking out a travel blog, I’m sure that you live quite a good life as well as a fellow traveler. Let’s discover our stories, learn from our experiences. Who knows we might end up on the road together going after new travel journeys on this small planet.

Welcome to the Book of Traveling! A book of many journeys…


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